Poem # 4 – Sonnet

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I want to go to school to be a nurse

I have to go to college for six years

I will help people so it won’t be worse

I will help wipe away all the sad tears

Nurses will cure all the girls and boys flu

Hospitals help many people every day

I hope no one will ever throw up blue

I hope people get better until May

People around the world need me to help

I will work hard to bring you back your health

I will make good decisions by myself

I will not work as a nurse just for wealth

Being a nurse when I grow up

People’s life will change when I be grown up

Poem # 3-Onomatopoeia

Winter beach tripCreative Commons License aehdeschaine via Compfight

Splash! Splash! the waves are punching the sand

Arf ! Arf ! the dogs are running to the clean clear water

Crunch! Crunch! people eating snacks in the shining sun

Ahh! Ahh! kids screaming and playing games in the soft sand

Snap! Snap! sodas getting opened

At the beach life is different

You see the blue landscape

I wonder how was the ocean created

I lay on the sand and I look up the sky

Then the ocean is calling me so I must go


Poem # 2- My letter

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Dear Grandpa,

You left me alone

I need you now

I had always been here for you

Now you are not here for me when I needed you as you needed me

I’m alone, and I’ll always be since you’re gone now

I miss those times when we always walked around the park talking about the story’s when you were a little girl

I remember when I used to play the violin and you played the piano, we together made wonderful music

The best of me still lives in you

For despite your absences you are still here in my heart



Week # 10- Reflection

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Since the beginning of March 2016 I had written eight posts. Five posts were set by the challenge and three were set by my teacher. In total I have received eight comments on my posts. The post that received more comments is called Food and Culture. I think this post received more comments because it describes a lot of Mexican food and their culture. One post that I enjoyed writing the most is called My World. I enjoyed writing this post because I love traveling and I like discovering new places. I did not change any blog themes because I like how they are. I have seven widgets and I think these are enough widgets. I also have seven overseas students in my blogroll. I actually didn’t use any web tools to show creativity to my blog because I already show creativity in my posts.

I asked a student from my school to read my blog and she said yes. Her name is Jennifer she is my best friend from school. When she finished reading and looking at my blog I asked her what was her first impression of my blog? She said that it had a lot of amazing posts written and pictures in my blog. Another question that I asked her was what captured her attention, then Jennifer said the bright colors of the pictures captured her attention a lot. Next I asked her what distracted her in my blog and she said that their is a lot of writing in each post. The last question that I asked Jennifer was what suggestions can she give me to improve my blog and she said to check my spelling before posting any posts.

Poem # 1- Color of eyes

  photo credit in the link:  https://sites.psu.edu/siowfa15/2015/09/18/how-do-genes-determine-eye-color/

Color of Eyes

Eyes are green like in a sweet dream

eyes are blue when you have no clue

I have brown eyes and I just keep my head down

I had always wanted at least blue eyes like the water blue

when ever I wonder why a lot of people have green or blue eyes the answer never comes through

at least I am glad to see through the world

Week # 9 – Being a Nurse

Stethoscope Michael  via compfightMount Roraima on a 1930s National Geographic map of South America Trevor Huxham via Compfight

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well for me, I want to be a nurse when I graduate from college. Being a nurse is my dream because I had always wanted to be a nurse when I was a little girl. If you want to be a nurse you have to go to college for about 7 years but it is worth it because then you get a lot of money. You have to go to school for about 22 years in total. It seems like half of your life in school but at least when you work in a good job you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do.

One university that I want to go is called Harvard. It is a little bit far away from where I live, but there are a lot of ways to go to college. You can click here= Universities around the World to check out college’s or universities around the world if you are interested in one. This website is really interesting to me because it shows a lot of universities and where it’s located. This is an opportunity to find a college that you can trust on and it’s never too late to find a college or a university.

In my future I want to be a nurse but I also want to travel around the world. I want to explore new things that I didn’t even knew or seen before in my life. One place that I want to go and explore is Africa. Africa has amazing animals and really good agriculture. Also Africa has many ethnic groups and religions. I know some facts about Africa but I want to learn more about this country. If you want to learn about Africa then click here-National Geographic of Africa.

A state that I want to go when I am older is Mexico. The reason I want to go to Mexico is because I have most of my family living  in Mexico and I had been their when I was a little girl. In Mexico agriculture is important to people because most of food comes right from plants where they plant vegetables and fruits. My goal is to go visit my family in Mexico when I am a little bit older like when I am 19 years old. I hope you enjoyed my post about my future and I hope I will do another post really soon.

Week # 8

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For this post it is actually going to be about leaving comments on other peoples blogs.  The first person that I commented on was on Brianne’s post, called Popular Activities In U.S.A . In her blog she has amazing posts but the one that stood out to me the most is called popular activities in U.S.A. She said that one of her favorite activities to do when she is bored is softball or play basketball. You should check her blog  out because she has a lot more interesting post’s.

The second person that I commented on was Hannah and in one of her post that I commented on was about her future. Hannah explained how she organized everything so it could be a lot more easier. Hannah has a lot more posts in her blog and this one about her Future stood out to me the most. If you want to check her post out  it is called My Future .

The last person that I commented on was Sophie. In her blog I found a post about Traveling and she would like to go to Cala Mercerelleta. This is a beach where the sand is really soft and the water is clear. The weather stays warm in all seasons so you can go at anytime. You can check Sophie’s  blog, the post is called Traveling.

Week # 6 Food and Culture

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For this post I am going to talk about mexican candy. My favorite country is Mexico and I have lived in Mexico for about 5 years and one thing that is popular in Mexico is mexican candy. There are a lot of types of mexican candy but some of my favorite candy are called Lucas, Duvalin, and Pelon Pelo Rico. You can find this types of mexican candy brands at this website http://www.mexgrocer.com/mexican-candy-brands.html. If you go to Mexico you can find a lot of candy at a mexican store that are so delicious.

At a mexican store you can also find chips and one type of chips that are so delicious and that are my favorite in the whole entire world are called Rancheritos. Rancheritos are spicy but not that much and has a flavor that you can’t even imagine. I hope you like this post about mexican candy, and about my favorite chips. Now you know what are my favorite chips from Mexico, and my favorite country.

Week # 4 My World

Halekulani Hotel, HawaiiCreative Commons License Alan Light via CompfightDSC_4969 YKevin1979 via Compfight

I would love to visit Hawaii in summer with my whole family. I love Hawaii because it is so beautiful there and you can do a lot of things. There is so many things to do that you can’t even choose what to do first because they look so fun. Here is a website that you can look at, there is some things you can do at Hawaii. I am planning to go to Hawaii in 4 years when I turn 18.

In Hawaii there are a lot of volcanoes and islands to see. Also Hawaii has a lot of amazing hotels that you can stay at. One reason why I want to go to Hawaii is because there are a lot of ocean animals. My favorite animal is a dolphin. That is why I have never seen a dolphin before and I want to go there so bad to see one. Here is another website that you can check out to see amazing sea animals, http://www.to-hawaii.com/underwater-world.php.

Another reason why I want to go there is because I want to explore and discover new things. I want to be able to swim with a lot of fish and sharks even though it would be very scary. I want to swim with turtles in the beautiful blue waters. I hope we go there! I wonder what I will do in summer! See you guys next time!!